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                              In the last articles of "Why is the Kirin Optical Platform so popular (Part 1)?" we mentioned that the Kirin Optical Platform can solve many pain points in the design and manufacture of lamps, and focused on the causes of these pain points and their adverse effects. So how are these pain points optimized and solved? I will explain it in detail today.


                              1. Adopt the same outer diameter, height and installation hole size as the international BJB solder-free holder. Weldable solder holder and solder-free holder can be seamlessly replaced, friends who export lamps do not need to redesign the structure of lamps such as heat dissipation


                              2. For COB holder with the same installation opening size, each type of COB holder develops openings of different light source substrate sizes for different types of light sources under the condition that the outer diameter and height are the same. The light source is replaced, and the installation hole is not increased.


                              3. As a professional optical accessories company, it has been practicing the human-oriented core with professional technology. The Glarless and Gemini of the Kirin optical platform are the two series with high-quality anti-glare. Use professional optical accessories to provide a better light environment for lamp users and save structural design energy for lamp manufacturers.

                              4. 术业有专攻,我们公司专为深防眩灯具设计了柔光系列,偏光洗墙时光斑均匀,截止。直指矛头的攻克深防眩灯具偏光洗墙时常见的光斑不均匀,分层等现象。

                              4. As the saying goes, there is a specialization in the technical industry. Our company specially designed a soft light series for deep anti-glare lamps. Pointing at the spearhead to overcome the common phenomenon of uneven light spots and stratification during wall washing of polarized anti-glare lamps.

                              5. 我们开发四个不同效果的系列,尺寸却1:1互换。由于光源支架的旋扣尺寸确立,不同大小透镜的透镜支架采用同一旋扣距离的卡扣。这样,一个光源支架不仅能实现不同尺寸透镜的更换,还可以完成同尺寸不同系列产品的互换。

                              5. We have developed four series with different effects, but the sizes are 1:1 interchangeable. Due to the establishment of the screw size of the COB holder, the lens holders of different sizes of lenses adopt the same screwing distance. In this way, a COB holder can not only realize the replacement of lenses of different sizes, but also complete the interchange of different series of products of the same size.

                              没有任何事物能面面俱到,但在不同品类灯具的细分市场,麒麟光学互换平台的每个系列表现都非常优异。从解决难点痛点到优质的其他光学配件,麒麟光学互换平台保持以人为本理念,优化丰富使用者的选择,致力于提供给大家更优质的光环境。 恒坤光电,让每一束光都有方向。

                              Nothing can cover everything, but in the market segments of different types of lamps, each series of Kirin Optical Interchange Platform performs very well. From solving difficult and painful points to high-quality other optical accessories, Kirin Optical Interchange Platform maintains the people-oriented concept, optimizes and enriches the choices of users, and is committed to providing everyone with a better light environment. Herculux optics,light the light.


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